The major objectives of IBAIS University are:
a) To provide specialized and high quality education for future gainful employment in positions of responsibility across a wide range of IT, Business, Social and Public Organizations all over the world.
b) To make provisions for imparting education at internationally recognized level with a view to get accreditation of degrees by prestigious International Accreditation bodies.
c) To use modern instructional techniques and technology to the best advantage so as to enhance and enrich students’ achievements for fulfilling their educational and career goals as well as contributing to socio-economic development of the country.
d) To establish credit transfer programs with American, British, Canadian and Australian Universities to facilitate quality education.
e) To provide educational opportunities to persons already employed or engaged in business allowing them to pursue undergraduate and graduate programs without interrupting their career and without any compromise on quality.
f) To create a congenial academic environment for the youth, free from political and other disturbances for their intellectual advancement.
g) To help flourish quality, talent and skill of individual student to enable them to lead a successful life as professionals and responsible citizens.
h) To pursue vigorous improvements in the quality of higher education through dedicated commitment to teaching, training and research.